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Verdanza Hotel is an independent property located in the heart of Puerto Rico’s Isla Verde district. With more than ten years in the Hospitality Industry, they decided to refresh all their Branding to continue growing and offer their clients a better experience. Preserving the essence of their family history and values make the Verdanza Hotel one of the busiest hotels in Puerto Rico.


Renew the whole Branding to reflect a modern and fresh environment that generates an emotional connection, inspiring trust and familiarity with the history and values of the brand by creating a distinctive, recognizable, unique, and memorable vocabulary.


Vibe Rhythm Passion Family Experience


For this project, I work side by side with Maria Correia, a creative copywriter. We were committed to doing our best to deliver the unique and inspiring Brand story, Slogan, and Name story that the hotel was looking for.


After we created the Brand story, I started refreshing the logo and all the brand concepts aiming to reflect a contemporary, simple, and modern identity inspired by the “tropical vibe” experienced in the Caribbean through the five senses. Colors, textures, sounds,  smells, and flavors are the key to achieving cohesion between the meaning of the name, the history, and the new Branding.