Renewing the Hotel Verdanza experience

In the heart of the Isla Verde district of Puerto Rico sits Hotel Verdanza, an oasis of independent hospitality that has left a lasting mark on the hospitality industry for over a decade. In order to sustain its growth and offer an even more exceptional experience to its guests, the hotel decided to embark on an exciting revamp of its image. The goal was to achieve a deeper emotional connection while keeping intact the family values and essence that have made Verdanza one of the most popular destinations in Puerto Rico.

Reflecting values through keywords:
In this journey of transformation, the team behind the branding of the Verdanza Hotel sought to capture the essence of the brand through a careful selection of keywords: vibe, rhythm, passion, family, and experience. These words encapsulate the core values and vibrant personality that define the Verdanza Hotel.

The main objective of this renovation was to create a modern and youthful image that would generate a deeper emotional connection with the guests. The aim was to inspire trust and familiarity by conveying the history and values of the brand. To achieve this, the creation of a distinctive, recognizable, unique, and memorable vocabulary was proposed.

The creative solution:
The starting point of this transformation was the creation of a captivating “Brand Story”. This brand story became the leitmotiv to completely revamp the hotel’s image. The aim was to project a contemporary, simple and modern identity that would capture the vibrant “tropical vibe” that is experienced in the Caribbean through the 5 senses.

The key to achieving cohesion between the name, the history, and the new visual image of the Hotel Verdanza lay in the careful selection of colors, textures, sounds, smells, and flavors. These sensory elements became the fundamental pillars to create a cohesive and memorable experience for guests.

The Hotel Verdanza has taken a bold step by renewing its image with a modern and jovial approach. Through the creation of a captivating Brand Story and meticulous attention to sensory details, the Verdanza Hotel has succeeded in projecting a contemporary identity that resonates with its target audience. This transformation reinforces the emotional connection with guests and strengthens the hotel’s reputation as one of the busiest destinations in Puerto Rico.

The fusion of tropical vibes and family values in the renewed image of the Verdanza Hotel promises to captivate visitors, offering them an exceptional experience that combines the modern with the traditional. The Verdanza Hotel is thus positioned as an essential destination for those looking for a memorable stay in the beautiful enclave of San Juan, Puerto Rico.